Let me tell you about myself.

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Ozan Altinbas

Senior Software Developer, TEB BNP Paribas.

I was born in Trabzon, in 1987. During my childhood, due to the appointments of my parents, we moved our house to many different places and finally to Bornova which, is in İzmir, was our last location. I had completed my primary, secondary, high school and university education in İzmir. After my graduation, I decided to perform my military service. I served in the Army as a short-term corporal in time-period between 2009 December and 2010 June in Sarıkamış,Kars. Later on, despite the fact that İzmir was irreplaceable for me, my way also crossed with İstanbul like many other engineers in Turkey, and my career started here. Since March 2011,I have been living in Ataşehir, Istanbul.

My main hobby is Gym. I‘m doing sports in Hillside City Club regularly. Whenever possible, I’m cycling and swimming under the open sky. In the wintertime, my only outdoor sport activity is skiing. I love travelling, finding new places to visit and discovering different cultures around the World ,so I often travel in Turkey and foreign countries. There are also some development projects which can be accepted as my hobby in my professional field. Mobile and Web technologies are the areas which I preferred to develop in my free time. By the way, hookah is special for me ! smoking hookah with my friends enjoys me a lot.

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